Theatre and migration merge in the workshops in Irse. Migration experiences, IMG_1643our own and those of others, take form on stage. We look for cliches, related to our nationality, we travel, endlessly, in our imagination. Also we look for moments of being together; moments to feel that although we are different, we have a lot in common.

Workshops on the migrant route in Guatemala, Mexico and the U.S.

IMG_1029During our journey on the migrant route we conducted workshops, in most cases with migrants in the migrant shelters. Oftentimes they were tired and under a lot of stress, we encountered atmospheres of mistrust and fear because of all the dangers.

One of the goals of the workshops was to bring some relief in this state of stress and fear. Many times we saw worried faces transform into smiles and group hugs.

The workshops were the basis for changes in our migrating play, and at the end of every workshops participants were invited to act in it.

Workshops in Irse Morrocco and Europe

In Morrocco and Europe we will make new, original presentations with each group, which makes the project slightly different that Irse Hacia el Norte. This presentation will be adapted to the needs and context of each participating group and the audience.

In the workshops we will work on the presentation, and through theatre we will get closer to the essence of migration in its European context. IMG_1972

Besides the presentation the play Irse, with some local extras, and the documentary Luz para el Camino, about the project on the migrant route towards the U.S. will be shown. The power of combining these elements will be that migration is approached from different points of view and by different people; this will generate unique encounters and a lot to talk and think about.

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