You go, but the news keep following you
eyes look for something from here, the distance hurts
You go, but although you go, you don’t go
Manuel José Arce

04_DSC_8866 Irse is the result of theatrical research and experiment on migration, by theatre groups Artzénico en Armadillo.

The play Irse has been shown, in different versions, in Guatemala, the Netherlands, Mexico and the U.S. The play traveled by migrant shelters and other important points on the migrant route from Central America to the U.S. during the project Irse Hacia el Norte. This experience, the contact with migrants on our way northbound has become essential for the play Irse.

In Irse the themes of migration and national identity are made present and tangible. Through dry reality, raw images and authentic moments of being together, we are invited, we are forced to reflect on our own identity and the identity of others.

Time passes in a journey through dense atmospheres. The desert, a journey 24_DSC_8940towards encounters and farewells. A train that growls and maims, grabs and lets go. A pilgrimage without rest, deep wounds in feet. An altar of flowers and candles; a light for the road. And for always, and always: the distance…

Click HERE for comments of participants, audience and press on the play.

Click HERE for more photos and videos of the play.

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