Irse is initiated by theatre groups Artzénico and Armadillo, both from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The groups actively work on promoting art – specifically theatre – in a local annual theatre festival and through presentations and involvement in arts education. Artzénico makes fysical, absurdist theatre based on a creative process within the group. Armadillo creates puppet and object theatre for all ages, with attention for Guatemala’s cultural heritage. 

The most important participants are the local and migrating communities that will be a part of this project.


Guillermo Santillana
Artistic leader of Teatro Armadillo. Puppet theatre artist, actor and director. He was born in Totonicapán, Guatemala. His career in theatre starts in 1995 in Quetzaltenango. He has won many prizes with his puppet theatre since then and has shown his work throughout Latin-America and Europe. After the migrant route towards the U.S. he wants to keep learning from the world.



Jordi Möllering
Cofounder of Artzénico. Director, actor and theatre teacher, graduated in the Amsterdam Theaterschool. From Nijmegen, the Netherlands, originally. Since 2003 he lives in Guatemala for periods of time and feels a permanent migrant. After traveling through Mexico and the U.S. he aims to get to know the migration phenomenon in his home continent.



madelynMadelyn González
Member of Artzénico. Actress, promotor of culture and cook. Madelyn did not participate in the journey through Mexico and the U.S., but was involved in the creation of the play in Guatemala. She aims to keep exploring the subject with a fresh view, and in a continent her own sister migrated to.



jorgeJorge Díaz
Jorge accompanied the travelers in Mexico. Jorge is from Guatemala and lives right across the border in Mexico. Also he has lived in the US as a migrant before. He has experiences what it’s like to be a migrant and wants to learn more about theatre along the road from Morrocco to the Netherlands.

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