Audience, Participants and Press about Irse:

“I left the theater with a vaguely uncomfortable feeling and many questions about what I just watched.”

Yasmin Rodriguez, Roots and Wings International, Article about Fronteras (work-in-progress) in New Orleans

“During the play the movement of the audience (migrants?) was dynamic, and essential for the experience.”

Morten Almaas, audience member, about the play in Quetzaltenango

“For the first time since I left my country I slept like an angel. What I felt yesterday, in my body, I had never felt elsewhere”

Maribel Santos, migrant, about the workshop in Ixtepec

“During the play the audience feels how migrants expose themselves to extreme danger, hunger, struggle and impotence (…) but also the exclamation of irrevocable wishes and hope”

Bruno Torres, Diario del Istmo, Article about Irse in Coatzacoalcos

“A few moments ago, they were simply six actors on a stage; then Yoni reminded the audience that three of them were on that stage (according to Mexican law) illegally.”

John Washington, Culture Strike, Artikcle about Irse in Ixtepec and Mexico City

“To refer to Irse as a performance is an understatement. The, “live migrating theatre on the migrant route and borderlands across Guatemala, Mexico and in the United States,” was both powerful and honest, with a stroke of brilliance running through it all”

William Dilella, NOLA Defender, Review on Irse in New Orleans

Click HERE for the complete press archive of Irse Hacia el Norte.

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